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Supply Lists

Chromebooks (1:1 Devices)

AEA wants to incorporate technology when it works to improve instruction or basic skills.  Our students' parents were eager to see kids using the power of the internet as part of their regular learning.  Getting the resources together to provide one to one devices would prevent us from being able to meet that goal, so parents stepped up to the plate and agreed to send their kids to school with a computer.  We then needed to find the right device that allowed students to effectively access digital tools while also being simple enough to provide tech support for at school.  Ultimately, the device that was the most affordable and durable, while also meeting the classroom needs, was the Chromebook.  
Any Chromebook will work for our students.  The key features that a parent should look for when buying one are battery life and durability.  Certainly, as with all computers, more resources are a good thing.  However, even the simplest Chromebooks have been able to meet the classroom demands we place on them.

The link below will assist you in Chromebook choices.

We do have Chromebooks available to loan to  students who cannot provide one, or for when technical difficulties happen.  

Tips for success:
  • Don't skip out on the warranty
  • A good case is worth it
  • Personalize it with stickers and put your child's name on it very prominently
  • Take a picture of the serial and model number
  • Please don't put parental controls on it.  It prevents teachers from using them to their potential and makes it harder for tech support to help students.  We do have a filter that meets Federal regulations.

Students at AEA have access to the internet and are encouraged to collaborate with each other.  Each student is provided with a school email account.  The account is protected and limited to emailing only within our domain.  Parents can monitor student activity by logging into their student's account.  Parents should never email other students directly.  Our network applies a federally compliant filter to protect kids from most threats.  Students also must complete a digital safety course within the first few weeks of attending AEA.