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Dress Code

The purpose of the school dress code is to require dress that complies with sound health and safety practices and that is not disruptive to the educational process. Students who are not dressed according to the dress code will either wait at the office until the parent can bring a change of clothing or the student will be provided with a substitute garment. Teachers, parents, and the administration developed the dress code that is conducive to student learning.
Students shall wear appropriate clothing and groom themselves in a manner that reflects a respect for the learning environment and does not distract from the educational setting. Therefore, the following expectations apply:
1. All shirts must meet the following guidelines.
a. Shirts must be a long or short sleeved polo.
b. Shirts must be solid color, with or without the AEA logo.
c. Shirts must be either Navy Blue, Black, Gray, White, or Burgandy/Maroon.
d. Off the shoulder, see through, and spaghetti strap shirts are not permitted.
e. Tops must be long enough so that skin does not show when hands are raised.
2. All bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts and dresses) must be uniform style and meet the following guidelines.
a. All shorts, skirts, and dresses worn to school by students in all grades must be mid-thigh or longer.
b. Bottoms must be solid color.
c. Bottoms must be either Khaki, Navy Blue, or Black and may not be jeans or denim material.
d. Dress shoulder straps must be at least one-inch wide.
e. Pants, shorts, and skirts must be worn at waist level.
f. Tight pants, such as leggings and tights, must be covered by either a skirt, shorts or a long shirt.
3. Clothing with slogans and/or pictures depicting drugs, sex, profanity, obscenities, or which are gang-related are not permitted.
4. Students must wear appropriate undergarments, including socks, daily. Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times.
5. For reasons of safety, students must wear shoes with good traction for running. Shoes must be securely fastened at all times. Open toed shoes, backless shoes, and sandals are not permitted. Wheels may not be worn in the shoes. (Students may wear rain boots during inclement weather.)
6. Hats may be worn outdoors only. Hats must be worn with the bill forward and without logos. (This includes both boys and girls.)
7. All dress codes are in effect during spirit-wear and free-dress days except for rules 1a, 1b, 1c, 2b, and 2c. During spirit-wear and free-dress days students may wear clothing with slogans and pictures that do not depict drugs, sex, profanity, obscenities, or which are gang-related.
8. The principal/site director has the prerogative not to allow items of clothing or accessories based on safety or considerations of appropriateness for school.
Students are taught the scholar behaviors in their classrooms and during grade level assemblies during the first week of school. Teachers and the administrators discuss and model specific examples of each behavior. Parents are encouraged to review scholar behaviors with students also.
(LCPP’s) Lunch, cafeteria, playground protocols 1. Safety first 2. AEA Scholars are good listeners 3. AEA Scholars respect people and appreciate nature 4. AEA Scholars are always visible 5. AEA Scholars freeze-stop, look and listen when the whistle is blown 6. AEA Scholars are proud denizens who store playground equipment properly 7. AEA Scholars use low cafeteria voices 8. AEA Scholars respect and keep their environment clean 9. AEA Scholars are in and out of the restroom